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It all started in between seventeenth century with bunch of papers and loads of hopes. Journalism is a social activity which acts as an intermediate between the government and society; it can be in the form of newsletters, radio, television and advertisement.

In this developed modern society there is explosion of information and as a need to reach to every social being. With these fast flowing of information journalism as a keen role in taking care of the right happenings and also highlights the wrong happenings around us. Due to increase in technology today’s journalism world is digitalized, it has brought the huge world at your finger tip promising the trend of new living. To opt journalism as a profession it requires a keen sense of interest in day to day happenings and high confidence and dedication towards the society. Journalism is non time sensitive; a dedicated journalist must be alert and should always hunt for news. Journalism is basically a medium of widespread of news of activities of society in the newspaper. It was a larger responsibility of conveying policies and needful information from government to public and vice versa. It also acts as a tool of expressing emotions and reaction of public towards the injustice done to them. Journalism also provides wide range of information in the entertainment sector. In reporting or publishing a news article it becomes the journalist responsibility to attract the common public to stick on to his article which would also helps in the high publishing of the newspaper. As the saying “A pen is mightier than a sword " a good journalist can determine the faith of a person and also can destroy the determined faith of an individual . Due to various other factors like TRP rating and political influence, Mass media as faded its shade. In today's scenario journalism has taken a step beyond being a mediator into a judgement placer who involve in the decision making of an incident or event, decisions made by a media person influence a common public. when talking about the media persons it becomes a single person perspective when it acts as an influencer to a public , the other side of an issue is not been recognized. Increase in technology as led to a wider level of competition in journalism world, in order to keep their publication in the limelight publishers have taken numerous step which sometimes turns up to be unethical. The intervention of internet into the field of journalism has also been a successful way to attract the viewers to keep themselves updated. It also helps in source of faster communication which has led to the faster reach of information. Thus, Journalism stands as a magnifying glass which highlights the scrutiny of the world.

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